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Guided Wellness provides alternative solutions for people to create harmony and balance within their lives. Whether a person chooses a Mindset and Emotional Wellness session or a Reiki Session, they can expect to be in a place based on the principles of Compassion, Support and Respect in a non-judgmental environment.

Sometimes, we need someone to point us in the right direction; that’s where I come in. Through my experience as a nurse, I acquired a knowledge of biology and how the mind and body are connected. With these insights, I guide people who are feeling stuck within their lives and are interested in enhancing their overall wellness to discover who they truly are. I help them look through a new lens where they no longer see their flaws but rather their gifts – the things that make them unique. When people see themselves differently, they are able to make the changes they want and live a more fulfilling life. Taking time to reconnect with our inner selves can help to reduce stress, improve relaxation, increase energy, enhance clarity and create a positive effect on those around us.