Wake up, Reflect , Repeat

Wake up, Reflect , Repeat

In the craziness of the world sometimes, it’s a challenge for me to count my blessings, especially when I see others in distress. However, despite what is happening around me, I decide to tune out the chaos and connect deeply within myself to find an appreciation for the little things in life.

I close my eyes, get quiet and connect with my source – my power. It is there that I can find the everyday joys that ignite a spark and keep my inner light shining brightly.

It’s pretty incredible the things that I notice, such as being able to wake up in the morning to experience a new day. How exciting is that? Think about it. A chance to make a change or try something new. Being able to breathe in fresh air that fills up my lungs and gives my body the oxygen it needs to function. The spinoff from that is a fully functioning brain which generates cohesive thoughts and the ability to create anything that I want. Isn’t that cool?

My heart fills with happiness when I have made a difference in someone’s day by making them feel that they matter or bringing a smile to their face. Everyday, we are given choices and one of those choices is the gift of kindness. It can be anything from holding the door for a person, picking up something they’ve dropped or offering a chair to a stranger. Even in the online space, kindness can happen, such as responding to a question that someone has asked or directing them to the right resources. Kindness, in a split-second decision, can open an opportunity for showing respect to another person. I see kindness as one of the most important virtues. Just like negative thoughts can have a chain reaction, so can kindness.

Sometimes, finding the time to reflect may seem impossible to fit into a jam-packed day full of responsibilities and tasks. I like to reflect while I’m driving. I can turn off the stereo in my vehicle and think about things that I appreciate. Doing that can instantly put me in a better mindset and works like pushing the reset button.

Household chores and walking the dog are daily routines where reflection can be incorporated as well. During those moments, I find putting on my headphones and listening to an inspirational podcast or my favourite music helps me to get into the headspace to count my blessings.

Another common practice is to take time to reflect just before going to bed. I find a comfortable place to sit, breathe deeply, then exhale and let the events of the day go. Then, I think about those things that matter to me and reflect on those.
Some days are more challenging than others and at times it’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of just wanting to get through the day. I get it; I’ve been there. However, I have found that I feel happier and more grounded when I fit reflection and gratitude into my day. Things go smoother because I’m in a better headspace and that makes me smile.

Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash